So I get a call from a friend of mine from high school (remember that place that shaped your life a lot more than you thought it would) and she proceeds to remind me that because I was the Student Government President that I have to plan our 10 year reunion. In my mind I am like this cant be happening, I live in another state far away, and wasn't sure I was even going, and it's my job to plan it. I am instantly reminded of a conversation that I had with a teacher about how that position was much more than a popularity contest (I didn't believe her), and consistent with the rest of the things teachers told me that I thought wrong she was right. Lets skip to part you guys care about. When in a reunion situation or any big gathering where you will see people that you have not seen in a while, it is important to control your "PR". You have about 3-4 hours to convince people that you were (and still are) worth their vote for that superlative for best dressed. OK most of us didn't get that one, but we should of. Now, we have to appear stylish and confident without looking worried about approval. OMG this is really like high school. I think today's dress gets an A+ for the assignment. Its the little black dress with a twist. No, really it has a twist. It doesn't say I over dressed for this to compensate for my dull life (teachers pet), nor does it say I didn't bother to do the assignment at all (classroom flunkie). This is reunion done right, it says yes I am doing well, in fact I am doing so well I dont have to shout it. Now if your reunion is during the day time we also have this in a really fresh summer blue either way these dresses will get you to the head of the class. Don't forget let me know what you think and be sure to check the gallery.
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