Rihanna: Question Existing

I'll be honest, I wasn't a real Rihanna fan at first. Questions Existing is the song that hooked me. Days like today when I have no clue what or who I am living for this song is so clutch. I swear, I am kind of glad no one reads this blog anymore. I think it will be my journal. I hate not having someone to talk to. I feel like someone is standing on my chest, but as always I'll be "fine".

Christian Siriano x Payless: Show and Prove

Earlier this year I asked the question would any of you be running to Payless to get the designs of the reality TV designer Christian Siriano. Many of you said yes, and I was shocked. No not because he was not a good designer, but rather because of Payless. You know I love shoes, and they have not been known to make good ones so.................... I didn't, and still don't believe you will wear them.

Generally my readers are pretty fashion forward, so maybe you guys know something that I don't. Here is how we will tell, Payless has half off all their products today and tomorrow (thank you Oprah) and I have the link. I will publicly recant my statements when I see pics of them (the shoes) from you (my readers) in your home. Prove me wrong, lol

P.S thanks to @peachesheiress for the link