Great its Monday


Welcome, Its Monday and life is good.

We have a lot to look forward to and talk about.

The galleries are packed with new stuff, and we have an intern now to help with making sure things are up and running. More on her later this week (trust me she is great)

Now, as if you didn't know Sex and the City the Movie is Coming 5/30/08, You know that we must cover a fashion forward event such as this.

I have heard tons of things are popping up here in Atlanta.

You know, all kinds of girls night out events, I have heard of "Cosmos and Chatter" a post movie discussion group going on at Strip after the 7pm showing that Friday, and few more venues doing really cool things. Leave if a comment or let me know of others you think will be nice.

There is tons of coverage for the movie in the press as it should be. The Cover of Vogue has Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie

Now, since I know that you have already started thinking about what you are going to wear to your local premier, think about this If you order by Tuesday evening your dress can be here in time for the big event so...........what are you waiting for?