Working it out

Welcome, I'm am so glad that you are here. (No,really sometimes I feel like I am writing to myself)

I have a lot going on today. For starters I'm am sore (you know like it hurts to move) because for the first time in my life I am having to work to get "Beach Ready".

Let me tell you the problem,
life was fine until I got I received a save the date card for a friends birthday party.

I've been to her parties before, (think Mtv sweet 16 with fashionable adults), and it hit me that I may have to get stripped down to the bathing suit attire in front of people (its a weekend long event).

Instantly flashbacks of late night snacks all winter long and eating out for weeks at a time (living on the road is hard) came to me. I had to step my gym visits up.

In case you are ahead of me, and your body is summer ready, check out the galleries and see if there is something you like. If there is, email me and lets get your size. If this is your first time here THIS IS HOW IT WORKS.

I am going to stretch