First and foremost I love that most of the media coverage about our next first lady is about her fashion, and not about anything silly like her education and achievements. (That was full of sarcastic under tones)


With that being said some days when an outfit comes together one can only say WOW and she had one of those days.

I have to give credit where credit is due, Michelle Obama (I know you didn’t think I was speaking of anyone else) looked great in her dress at the DNP acceptance rally for Barack Obama.

It was appropriate for the event. (regardless of what some have said, Haters!!)

I mean if your man has just slay a dragon to be in the running for the ruler of the free world, and you are called to stand there with him, a great dress is fitting.

Michelle Obama made herself and her husband look great. For that I will give her the first Distinguished Dtail award.

Now if you want to get that look, cause you are celebrating the good life with your loved ones or by yourself we have a number of dresses that are equally fitting in our gallery.

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I want to hear what you think about this one please comment.