Colors, In Fashion

Welcome, It’s Friday, and yet I have my think cap on.

I have been wondering (as I often do) about clothes and the role they play in our lives.

I also have been wondering if gender, race, or geographic location matter, and if yes then how so.

A lot of this has been sparked by the big deal that has come about from the Italian Vogue (July,08) issue.

For the first time EVER, (yes I said Ever) the majority of the models in a major fashion magazine are black.

In my reading about this issue I have heard some of the craziest things about why this is the first time this has happen.

  • Black models don't inspire people to buy clothes

  • Black models don't have the dedication to the craft to mold into the model image

  • Black models are just lazy

To be perfectly honest with you I am not sure how to feel about the subject.

I know the reasons mentioned above are not correct, but there has to be a reason that black models have not been viewed in the fashion industry as an asset.

So, I pose the question to you.

Why in an industry that is supported and adored by people around the world including blacks is it that black models can't break into mainstream on a grand scale and be viewed as models not “black models”?

New York Times had this to say about it
Please let me know what you think.