The Black Issue: The Most Wanted Issue Ever

(A.T in L.A. with the enthusiastic news stand lady, we salute both of you)
I Love my readers they are coming through so big!!!

You know I was all eager for the July Issue of the Italian Vogue, (
you remember the first Vogue with all black models) but it never made it to news stands in the ATL area.

Is it me, or is that strange? I didn't complain. (at least not publicly)

Well A.T of Atlanta, a faithful reader and shopper of Dtailoriented was in L.A., and found the issue I was looking for. She saw all 4 of the different covers and everything, and now I have them. Life is good.

Now you know this makes me a proud blogger, and a gracious one as well. So I will not hold out and be selfish.

I am going to give you the chance to have your very own copy.

To order The Black Issue: The most Wanted Issue Ever,
email me they are 20 usd. per copy.

Act fast cause supplies are really limited.
(i'm not just saying that in a cheesy info-mercial kind of way either)