Dtails: Loubintin Shoes

I know what you like, Shoes.

and I'm not talking the local mall Bakers clearance rack
(not there is anything wrong with that).


We aim high around here, and with that being said it was only right that we bring you the red bottoms of Christian Louboutin.

Oh yes "The" Christian (Lew-boo-ton) Louboutin.

Mister 695usd a pair if you are lucky and there was a sale at Barneys is now available with the DtailOriented folks.

You know we had to do something about that price point too, (125-150 shipping included) and with that being said you are sure to have your own very on pair soon.

To order let me know which pair you like and your size in an email, and in 6-8 days you will have your very own jewelry for your feet.

Until then let Oprah tell you about it. You know if Oprah is a part it is cool.

By the way those are 4 and 1/2 inches,

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I hope that you guys are as excited about us getting into shoes as I am, If so shot me a note.

The gallery is open.

Go in and find you a nice dress to go with you new shoes.