Major discount Retailers: Super sales/Rogan/Target/Go International/

O.k last week, I got fussed at for not reminding you guys that
Old Navy was doing the $12 jean thing.

I hope that I am not alerting you to this for the first time, because I can't take being fussed out anymore.

The pictures above are from a local Old Navy that I heard was a frenzy and the pictures literally say a 1000 words about what kind of mayhem it was.

(Thanks A.T for those, we really need to get you on staff)

Well, I have learned my lesson, and will not allow that to happen this week.

I know we have talked about the Target Go International line, and there was a big to do about the Rogan line and all.

While it was only in Target for a short while, we can celebrate that it is Clearance time.

Now let me remind you that Rogan is typically sold in Barney's for a typical price point of $230-$450.

On these two dresses amongst others or on sale for under $10.

You have been informed, and I hope that you take advantage of this sale, especially my friends here in Atlanta cause the line never actually showed up in any of the stores here.