Ok, Obama we got your back

Yes, most of us (emphasis on us) have made our mind up about who should be the next ruler of the free world.

There are others out there who have not.

Somehow in the longest election in they history of the country they have not gathered enough information to do so.

Let us not get tired, for you can never underestimate the power or ignorance in large numbers
(2000, 2004, W still the president)

Here is what you can do to help. Go to Moveon.org and get a button or 45 buttons if you like (I offered the free option first cause we are in a recession) and wear it.

Being that you are reading this, you are probably a very stylish and influential person,

maybe a siting of you with the button can sway some of those who were not moved by all the speeches and forums on 24hour news, and print.

Doesn't that make you feel powerful.