Zoe, Marc Jacobs, and Me

Marc Jacobs bag 150usd
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I have been waiting to speak on her cause I just think it would be cool as hell to be the daughter of Lenny Kravits and Lisa Bonet, and she has a funky yet classy style. Her mother never really mastered the later but hey we can't blame her she was a Cosby Kid.

While Typically I would be doing this blog about her dress, I am continuing my quest to become a line item on all of your budgets, so today is my first blog about some of baddest bags you can find.
All of the bags are 100% Leather and you know we will only be carrying the ones that you must have. The average price point is well within reach even for those of a modest budget.

So, get your accountant on the phone, and let her know that breaking news has just changed your allotment for dtailO.