LV Speedy: Marc Jacobs, Takashi Murakami, Monogramouflage Speedy 35

Marc Jacobs as creative director for the house of Louis Vuitton, and Takashi Murakami got together and had a playdate or two and made some pretty creative creations one of which is this little piece listed below.

The LV speedy is Iconic in and of itself, but take the Andy Wharhol of our decade (Murakami) and let him loose with your Icon and you are sure to come up with something great.

Dimensions: 13 8/10"L x 7"W x 9"H; 3 1/2" drop handle.

The Monogramouflage work is the second installment of the house of LV and Murakami's creative brain child.

Murakami, has been seen all over the place these days.
One of the more notable prints you probably have.
Its on the cover of Kanye West's Graduation cd.

Murakami also did the video for the Single Good Morning off of the Graduation alblum.

Good Morning - Kanye west

Our good friend the Louis Vuitton don(A.K.A Mr. West) is not the only guy with a louis bag,

Kobe Bryant was seen with his Monogramouflage Keepall when head to the olympics