Beyonce is Obsessed with Idris Elba, and a new look for DtailO

O.k so Beyonce is moving for world domination, or at lease press domination.

Before you can get the popcorn kernels out of your teeth from Cadillac Records, the trailer for her next movie is Obsessed is released.

This time she is with Idris Alba (The Wire) in a thriller (her first I believe) about a temp employee gone pyscho over dude.

It seems like it should be good, and I am glad to see her stretching her acting legs and trying new roles.

I dont want to see her get type cast as the headliner singer from every era.

Here is the trailer.

As you can see, I am making some changes around DtailO. The first and most obvious is the layout looks different to encourage readability.

The second is a little bit different, I am moving towards more non-branded items for sale, to better insure both quality and hot styles.

I've thrown in a few more bells and whistles as well, so please check it out, and thank you for a wonderful year.