More Weekend What the What: Pants off 2K9 Atlanta

Atlanta has grown too big for it britches,

As I am doing my weekend net surfing I see folks in the city of New York doing something quirky as is typical in New York (Pants off 2k9 an organized display of not wearing pants on the subway), and I think to myself that's so New York. I was going to post it anyway.

I shared this with a friend via instant messenger
(my main form of communication) and she responds you know they did that here in Atlanta.
I did not, nor did I think Atlanta had it in it.

I was then livid, because I would have been there with my chicken legs and all. There is no better way to publicly be an underwear shoe model and you know I am ready to add both to the resume.(Joke!!)

From the looks of thing I probably could of made it to print.
Trust me I am there next year

The pictures above are of a few of the 34 people who took place here in Atlanta (NY had almost 2000, we got to get our numbers up). The pics below are from Pants off 2K8 in New York.

Who is with me next year?