Louis Vuitton: When did you fall in love with Hip-Hop

Ok Ok I know
when I get something in to my mind as hot. it is hard to get it out.
That is the case with the LV S/S 2009 collection. It may be because I am an 80's baby
(not the kind born in the 80's, but one who can remember them) and the images just seem "Fresh" and defiant. Louis Vuitton has taken something old and coveted and turned it into "Fly" and new, sort of like a hip hop sample.

Yes, that is exactly it.

This is why I love it. It reminds me of Hip-Hop. 1980's. Defiant. Taking something old turning it into something new. All of those things are how I feel about my first love, and when you add the graffiti its just a backspin away from being Hip-hop itself.

Message to Marc Jacobs and the folks over at LV: In one foul swoop you have done what so many urban outfitter lines have tried for years, great job and I am sure Stephen is proud.
If you want to have your very on piece of this collection before spring actually hits you are in the right place.

This Speedy is $ 175.00 there are more in the gallery.

If you would like to order send me an email, I will be practicing my pop-lock until then