Unpretty (Not)

TLC was way ahead of their time, and right on time at the same time. (SOAP BOX ALERT)

(TLC's-Unpretty) means just as much today as it did then. No one, and I mean no one person (not even yourself) should be allowed to make you feel less than great!!! No matter what or who you are, or what you own, drive, wear, or where you work being the greatness that God created you to be is up to you. Do not let anyone take that task away from you.

Never insecure until I met you (Hmm I'll address that, see last 2 lines of this paragraph)
Now I'm bein' stupid (Well only cause I listened to you)
I used to be so cute fly to me (sorry I had to remix this I am dude)
Just a little bit skinny (This part is true)
Why do I look to all these things? (since I don't know I will stop)
To keep you happy (not good enough)
Maybe get rid of you
And then I'll get back to me (now we're talking)