Dtail Bag review: Marc by Marc Jacobs Delancey Dr. Q Pleated Bag

1.tell me how do you feel with the bag how do you like it? are you comfortable carrying it? Is the material and quality as you imagined? Does the strap hurts?

I love the bag, it literally has the ability to hold everything I need for almost any occasion. If I am relaxing and shopping it makes sense, but I can dress it up and it looks just as good. It is a huge bags so it can be a little heavy if you put a lot of stuff in it but, I just carry it over my shoulder when I do that.

3. Did you have a chance to be creative, make it personal? What do you do to make the bag prettier than it already is, do you add a charm or tie a scarf.

As I mentioned it is a stunning bag by itself , but when I want to add a little more bling to the look I use the shoulder strap from my Marc Jacob Quilted Stam instead of the one that it comes with.
4. Can you tell us how much it fits? can you fill a kitchen sink in it or is it just enough for essentials?

Well with the size of this bag, you can take a small country with you. I however usually only carry the essentials (Fashion mags, Blackberry, make-up pouch, water bottle, and some smell goods that's all)