Brooks' Loves the New Jackie (Gucci)

O.k a little insight about me, I have been shopping and having fashion conversations with Brooks (my best good friend) since 1996 when we were both freshman. Actually I think we kept the Dover Mall in business for a few years.

Well anyways now she lives in the Metro DC area, and I live here in Atlanta. We still chop it up about our fashion finds via phone, email, text, or whatever often and sometimes for hours.

Brooks' latest lust, is 'The New Jackie" Gucci bag pictured above. At last update today sometime today around 1:30 pm (est) she confirmed she was throwing caution to the wind (must be nice , right) and buying it. I guess she felt it was her civic duty to stimulate the economy. Brooks we American's salute you. lol.

What do you guys think, is this the "It Bag" she is looking for? I think so (just my opinion)