Local: Fashion and Style Honors Atlanta 2009

To put it nicely there were some first year jitters to be worked out at the Fashion and Style Honors (Atlanta)2009. The idea seems simple enough,the local fashion community has a "get together" to honor those doing good work, while raising charitable money. The execution of that idea was tab bit more difficult. The key missing piece to me was chairs, it appeared very hard to keep the attention of the standing crowd as they were ordering drinks from the bar and posing for numerous photo ops. Most people didn't hear many of the awards announced. Even with the above statements being true, I look forward to next year for the event. If the event planners were paying attention at all they will do a lot better job with the logistics, and this years jitters will look merely like first year growing pains.

Notably Dwight Eubanks hosted the event, while his martinis hosted him. LOL
If you are interested there are a few more pics in the gallery below