An Open Letter for my 200th Post

Dear Dtailo readers,

I know I have been neglectful with my blogging duties, for a good reason though!!!..... (Long pause for emphasis) I have committed and signed the dotted line to open a small boutique (Named:The Dressing Room)here in Atlanta! It has been something that I have wanted to do for a long time, so when I saw the chance I hopped on it. Many of you guys (especially the fellow bloggers)are always telling me to follow my dreams, so I am. That doesn't make it any less scary. I will be looking to you guys for feedback and insight on the latest styles and trends. I also know a lot of you have tons of knowledge about retail fashion and thing of the sort, so please feel free to share any potential pitfalls or concerns. I truly owe this all to you guys (after God of course) for making me believe in what I love. Thank you so much.