Dtails For Moms

Welcome to the Mother's edition

Ok, so it's that time of the year where all the flower shops find the colorful selections of your favorite flowers and deliver them to your mommy (if you have not placed that order do so here).

If you are a mom, mother, mommy, or any term for the hardest and most adored position on earth give yourself some love, and look for that delivery man cause trust me the flowers are coming.

Now, on to what we do around here at DtailO, dresses and things of the such. I was wondering what would a glamorous mother wear out of our selection. Then it hit me, mom's can wear whatever they want in our gallery.

It really depends on the mom. Lets look at a few mom's that I am sure (I cant prove it) subscribe to www.dtailo.blogspot.com (by the way if you dont be sure to insert your email into the subscription box, top right hand side)

Halle carrying (wow) Post delivery (amazing)

New mom Nicole Richie in DVF and you guys know how we love her

All in all its all about the mom and her style cause as we have just shown moms look great, and this happens all year long, (so its a good thing that we are here 365 daily).

That being said I know mom will enjoy her flowers, but check our gallery and see if you can't find her something special.

If you are trying to figure out how to shop with us click here, and if you have further questions or comments email me. Now go and enjoy mom.