Wow, how rude of me. I have not introduced myself. My name is D (well not really) but thats what my father refers to me as.

I have a few loves in life, and fashion and beautiful women just happen to be included in that list. That being said, it has been easy for me to help woman get the looks that they want for less.

Thats what I do here at DtailOriented (put you in contact with people who keep you styled for less), I have taken it upon myself to help you look good. In my travels I have been afforded the chance to meet people who, both help me handle this task as well as those that utilize our services.

If you fall into either one of those categories then, your last 20 seconds reading this has not been in vain. Welcome to DtailO.blogspot.com

Sometimes we are strictly about the dresses (or the gear for the fella over at dtailoriented.blogspot.com) in the gallery other times we talk about places to wear them, and other issues addressed to those in the world of fashion.

I love when you email me or comment on the subject that we are covering as well.

All in all I am here to help, and its my pleasure to meet you. Don't be a stranger